Complete Website Packages

Get your business on-line in as little as one or two weeks. Each of our websites are custom designed so you have a fresh, unique look that's all your own. Here's what's included:

Custom Designs

We create a one-of-a-kind custom design for your website. We will incorporate your existing company logo, advertising materials, or other customizations into your new website. If you prefer, we will create a logo for you that can be used on business cards, advertsing materials and other print media in the future.

Wordpress Implementations

When clients have the need for frequent updates or when the application presents itself, we build your website as a Wordpress site. This allows clients to make updates to the site themselves. Although Wordpress implementations are slightly more costly, they can pay for themselves if frequent updates will be necessary.

Domain Name Purchase and E-mail Setup

We work with you to select a domain name that's right (and available) for your business (for example, Once you've selected the domain name, we'll take care of the rest. We set up an account in your name, purchase the domain name, and point it to the hosting service. We then set up e-mail addresses for your business (up to 5 addresses).

Reliable Hosting Service

After we build your website, it needs to be placed on a secure server that is connected to the world wide web. Your domain name can be thought of as a telephone number. When someone types in your domain name on the internet, the internet places a call using your domain name to the server where your website resides. Your website is then displayed. This service is known as internet hosting. We use one of the nation's leading, most secure, reliable internet hosting service providers to host your website - no backroom operations!

Google Analytics™ Setup

Part of a good website is knowing what works - and what doesn't! As part of your website purchase, we set up Google Analytics™. This is a powerful tool that allows you to track your website traffic. You can see where visitors are coming from, how much time they spend looking at your site, and which pages are most and least popular. If your visitors are leaving prematurely due to an ineffective page, you may consider reworking or removing the page.

Your new Google Analytics™ account is completely free and allows you to gain valuable information that will help you to grow your site in the right direction.

Quality Implementations

After your website is built and implemented, we test it on a variety of browsers and operating systems most likely to be used by your customers to ensure a high quality viewing experience. We test on both Apple and Windows computers and we test a variety of popular browsers including Internet Explorer (latest 3 versions), Safari, AOL, Netscape Navigator, and Mozilla Firefox. Until your site passes our quality inspection, we're not finished!


Your Complete Website Package starts at $1499. Starter website packages include 5-10 pages, including a Contact Us form and an e-mail mailing list sign-up.

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